DigitalTunnelâ„¢ (Transparent Soft Modem)

Platform Independent Network Protocol Software.

LDigitalTunnel offers a unique and flexible combination of networking support for applications / devices that need seamless connectivity with different types of physical interfaces and network protocol versions. It is a future proof communication interface that transfers digital data between source and destination or vice versa. One such emerging need is that applications must operate in today's IPv4 based networks and be compatible with future upgrades to IPv6 based networks without any modifications to existing applications.

DigitalTunnel is an application service that handles simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 networking traffic in a seamless and efficient manner. IPv4 and IPv6 communications can be established on a connection by connection basis offering the greatest run-time flexibility and equipment interoperability.

Proven for scalability and performance, can handle 2000 plus connections simultaneously in a low spec windows computer.

DigitalTunnel incorporates and supports all the key features of the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols:

  • Translates IPv6 packet to IPv4 packet.

  • Translates IPv4 packet to IPv6 packet

  • Translates IPv4 / IPv6 packet to serial interface data

  • Supports SSL/TLS 1.2

  • Supports TCP and UDP packets

  • Easy to configure

  • Provisions for Protocol Extensibility

  • Optimized for low memory foot print

  • Supports TCP and UDP packets

  • Supports TCP and UDP packets

DigitalTunnel Architecture:

DigitalTunnel distributed as C++ source code, is currently Microsoft Windows platform compliant and has been extensively tested for interoperability with reference IPv4/IPv6 implementations. Easily portable to other platform like Linux or any embedded platform. Advanced feature options distributed architecture and SSL/TLS security provides best choice for transitioning to future secure application and high availability projects.

DigitalTunnel also includes the most comprehensive debug and system optimization tool available in any commercially TCP/IP stack. Xml based configuration and customizable by development engineers for any added components, this very useful utility greatly assists to configure the application.

DigitalTunnel is the specialist in TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory and are provided as library and/or source code. DigitalTunnel IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by development teams to support IPv6, security at low cost and short time.

DigitalTunnel Highlights

  • Enables support of mixed IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on per-connection basis

  • IPv6 Host functionality

  • IPv6 Address Resolution

  • Translates IPV6 packets to IPv4 packets and vice versa

  • Translates IPV6 / IPV4 packets to Serial interface packets

  • SSL/TLS support

  • Raw IP/UDP/TCP with WinSock and BSD-compatible sockets

  • Scalable application which can easily deployed to distributed network

  • Application can handle 2000* connections at a time

  • Support for IPv6 Multicast and Neighbor Discovery

  • Non-blocking versions of all functions

  • Connections limited only by memory availability

  • BSD style "Keep-alive" option

This product is ideal if you:

  • Have IPv4 application and plan to support IPv6 quickly

  • Want a well-documented, complete IPv4/v6 support

  • BWant quick implementation on your target

  • Need add-on protocol and application modules

  • Want a responsive technical support

  • BSD style "Keep-alive" option

  • Want a straight forward business model for licensing